Margarita Doncheva


Born in Yambol, Bulgaria in 1979
2014 – PhD of the theme „The letter sign in children’s perception” in the National Academy of Art
2003 – Master of Poster and Visual communication from the National Academy of Art, Sofia
1997 – High School of Art „Dimitar Dobrovich”, Sliven
2007 – „Young artist” prize in the International triennial of stage poster in Sofia
First place in competitions of logo design:
The Bulgarian Christmas
Modern Theatre
The Urban Development Fund
Association of people with disabilities
Children shops „Tochici”
Jacobs competition „Draw me a cup”
Bulgarian Sports Totalizer „Zodiac”

2014 – Lahti Poster Triennial, Finland
„Golden Bee’’ Global Biennale of Graphic Design, Moscow
2012 – Social poster, Eco exhibition, Bankya
2010 – Caravan of the ten words, organized by the French Embassy, Sofia
2009 – Exhibition 60 Polish and Bulgarian poster , National Theatre „Ivan Vazov” Sofia
From 2008 to 2000 – Gallery „George Papazov”, Yambol
Young Bulgarian poster, Istanbul
Poster of young artists from NVIG, Sofia Philharmonic
Curator and participant in the exhibition „Nature - this is me’’, Sofia, Malko Tarnovo, Burgas
Bulgarian poster, Basel, Switzerland
Exhibition „For a better world” , Palais des Nations - Geneva, Forum – Barcelona

From 2011 to 2013 teaching Graphic Design in the National School of Art in Sliven
Since 2010 give Graphic Design classes in Design of the Children’s Environment faculty, The National Academy of Art, Sofia.
Member of NVIG.