About Us

Who are we?

plakatkombinat.com is a curated space for limited edition prints for you to own. Our goal is to give you access to a community of great graphical artists who you could not reach before.

Why we started plakatkombinat.com?

We want to promote the work of an untapped community of great artists and to enable you to own their artworks through the most popular and accessible media - print.

Who are the artist?

The artist we are presenting are prominent names in the field of graphic design, poster, illustration and graphics.They have experience not only as authors, also as curators of other forums related to design and contemporary art, graphic artists, professors at the National Academy of Arts, independent artists, prominent logo designers, artists in the field of typography, designers in advertising agencies and magazines, illustrators of books for various publishing houses and in other conductors of contemporary urban culture.

These are people with a prominent style of work, characterized by its own way, skillfully handling aesthetics, as a major technique in design, outstanding names in different genres of design.

All this makes the selection of these names in plakatkombinat.com logical.


We don't have a physical store yet but you can see and buy on place a small selection of our posters at the Concept Space DOM in Sofia, Parchevich str. 49A.

We are a virtual gallery and online shop. 

Feel free to contact us at: info(at)plakatkombinat.com

or at: +359 894723361

(The address only for administrative correspondence is: Bulgaria; Sofia 1421; Krum Popov str. 56-58).


PlakatKombinat Team