Ivan Kashlakov

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Ivan Kashlakov was born in 1993 in Sliven. Graduated from NHG "D. Dobrovich", specialty "Advertising graphics" (2012) under Mihail Nikolov and Tashko Popov. As a student at NHA, he specialized in "Poster and Visual Communication" (2016) under Prof. Dr. Nikolay Mladenov and "Visual Communication" (master's program) under Prof. Dr. Ivan Gazdov (2018).

Visual artist working in web and graphic design, UX, UI, branding, poster, postage stamp, painting and drawing. 53 of his paintings and drawings are owned by private collections. Participant in 300 international exhibitions in Korea, China, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bulgaria, etc. Author of three solo exhibitions. Winner of 65international awards, among which:

1st place Publicritic Award 2022 in the category of Poster;1st Award in the II International Poster Contest dedicated to the 130th anniversary of El Lissitzky; Gold Award Category / Typographic posters – Poster Stellars 2022, (USA); Gold Award Category / Cultural posters – Poster Stellars 2022, (USA); Gold Award / Graphis Poster Annual, 2023(USA); Gold Award / Graphis Protest Posters 2, 2021(USA); C-IDEA NewStar Award 2021; C-IDEA Design Award 2021;Silver Award / Graphis Poster Annual 2022(USA);Silver Award / Graphis Poster Annual 2022(USA);Silver Award / Graphis Poster Annual 2021(USA);Silver Award / Graphis Poster Annual 2021(USA);Silver Award / Graphis Protest Posters 2, 2021(USA);

Silver Award / Graphis Protest Posters 2, 2021(USA); Communication Art’s Award of Excellence in the 11th 2021 Typography Competition (CA);International Jury Honorary Award / 11th International Eco-poster Triennial “The 4th Block”/ Changes, 2021;

Silver Award / Category B “Outer Space” in “Poster Stellars”1st Intercontinental Poster Competition, USA 2021;One of the laureates of the Poster Contest “The Renaissance of The Night Train” organized by Back on Track Belgium, 2021;One of the 40 winners in the 10th Edition of Posterheroes on the topic “Digital Inclusion, Digital Equality”, 2021; Silver Award/category D “Animated poster” in Ecuador Poster Biennial EPB 2020;Prize for Young Author – A bronze plaque by Georgi Chapkanov in memory of the eminent Bulgarian artist Assen Stareyshinski at the 9th International Triennial of Stage Poster– Sofia 2019 (Bulgaria);

His works have been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Tokyo; Qilu Art Museum; North Dakota Museum of Art; Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum; Museum of Modern Art, Toyama; National Museum of Liechtenstein, Vaduz; The Franz Meyer Museum in Mexico City; Lahti Museum of Visual Arts, Finland; Machu Picchu Museum, Cuzco, Peru;

The author's works are part of collections in Museum of Modern Art, Toyama; Museum of the National Academy of Arts; The Collection of the International Triennial of the Stage Poster; The "NO WAR" collection of the Ogaki International Poster Museum in Japan; Retroavantgarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; Reece Museum, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA; Vitebsk Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, part of the poster collection, Vitebsk, Belarus; Museum of Socialist Art, Sofia, part of the student poster collection "New Political Poster"; OSTEN Drawing Museum, Skopje, Macedonia;

Invited by the United Designs Alliance (UDA) as part of the honorary jury of the 2019 Idea Design Competition.

In 2022 he was invited as part of the selection jury of the 10th International Triennial of Stage Poster, Sofia.

He is a member of the board of directors of United Designs Alliance (UDA), honorary member of China-European International Design and Culture Association (CEIDA), member of New Vision International Group (NVIG), professional membership of Graphis, member of SBH Section "Graphic design".