Georgi Iankov


I am a Bulgarian artist. I was born in 1964 in Sofia. Since 1995, I’ve been teaching at the National Academy of Art, Poster program. I am married with two daughters. I work in the field of poster, graphic design and advertising. In the past years, I’ve been working on projects that could be characterized as objects, installations or photography. I walk through different fields of the visual and I am at ease to cross and step across the boundaries of different genres. The liberty with which I allow myself to mix the means of expression is all time dominated by my desire to achieve a quick and clearly perceptible idea. The key point is the visual joke and it determines the choice of form and material in the creation of each of my works. For my art is entirely dominated by the idea for me it is difficult to put my art under any of the two already traditional domains of poster and conceptual art. Nevertheless, if I am to define what I do, the definition may sound like that: conceptual poster or poster conceptualism: it’s all the same, both definitions are equally true. And equally senseless.