Filip Boyadjiev


Filip Boyadjiev is a graphic designer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated "Advertising Design" and "Graphic design for interactive media" in the National Academy of Art Sofia.

During his studies he won competitions organized by companies like: Chevrolet, Business Park Sofia and others. In parallel, served as chairman of the Student Council (2009-2012 year). During this period, organized and coordinated 3-student exhibitions - protest of NAA "Art is Life", "Life is art" and "After the Ice". Main initiator of the student exhibition under the name "WE ARE ALL CRAZY, some more, some less."

He worked as part of the creative team of a few advertising and PR agencies in Bulgaria. As a freelance designer is engaged in various projects, the most interesting of which is the promotion of Bulgaria, aimed at attracting foreign investment. His graphic works were published in editions of Bloomberg, Business weekly, The Economist and The Financial Times. In 2013 is part of the platform for contemporary art and culture ONE, working directly for the international festivals: Sofia Design Week, Sofia Dance Week and Sofia Architecture Week. During Sofia Design Week exchanged experiences with designers like Stefan Sagmeister, Jaime Hajon, Reto Wetah and David Carson.

In 2014 started the independent design project - Studio Fullmasters.