Damyan Damyanov



Damyan Damyanov was born on the 5th of April, 1982.
He works in the field of book design (with more than 1000 covers up to date), poster design, illustration, stamp design and calligraphy. He often writes articles on poster art and graphic design. Assistant at the Poster and Visual Expression Department of the National Art Academy.

Author of a series of philatelic publications in the period 2004-2014.
Publishes articles on the problems of poster and graphic design in Prographica magazine.

2014 Lecture ‘The Great Adventure of the Little Post Etching’ at the Computer Space forum
2014 Participated at One Design Week, Plovdiv
2013 Participated in exhibition ‘The Artist and the Postage Stamp’, UBA
2013 Participated at Humour and Satire Biennial, Gabrovo
2012 Coauthored exhibition ‘Artist and Word’ with Kapka Kaneva in BCC, Moscow
2012 Awarded at competition ‘Great Masters of the Japanese Poster Art’
2012 Authored individual exhibition at ‘Helikon’ bookshop – Bulgarian book art
2011 Participated at Festival of the Association of the Advertising Agencies (FARA)
2011 Participated at second edition of Bulgarian Design Biennial
2009 Authored individual exhibition ‘A Thoughts of Self and Others Dictionary’ in the Paraclis Hall of the National Arts Gallery
2010 Participated in poster exhibition ‘Messages to the World’, Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai
2010 Curated and participated in poster exhibition ‘Caravan of the Ten Words’
2008 Participated and coorganised Second Poster Conference ‘Thinking is poster art terms. Conceptual art. Inventions.’
2008 Second prize in Font at First Bulgarian Graphic Design Biennial
2007 Coorganised exhibition ’60 Years of Poster Art’
2007 Specialised at Cite des Arts Paris studio
2007 Participated in exhibition of young Bulgarian illustrators, with the support of UBA, Bratislava
2006 Participated in national exhibition ‘Bulgarian Book Art’, UBA and received prize in Font, participated in travelling exhibition ‘Bulgarian Book Art’
2008 Participated at exhibition ‘Bulgarian Poster Art’, Istanbul
Participated at Stage Poster Art Triennial 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013
Participated at Humour and Satire Biennial 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013